AquaMetrix's New Trade-In Deals

From July 9th to August 31 Water Analytics is offering discounts on its Shark Controller with a trade-in of a GLI P33, P63, P53, 672P, SC100 or SC200 controller. Save up to $450 on your purchase of new Sharks with the trade in of only one controller. You will receive:

$100 off list price for the first Shark 120 or Shark 240
$150 for the second Shark. That's a total of $250
$200 for the third Shark. That's a total of $450.

Here's an opportunity to replace your old controllers with a reliable multiparameter controller from an established company. The terms of the promotion are simple:

1. Shark purchase(s) must be made between July 9 and August 31.
2. Quantity credits listed above are for each customer.
3. The traded-in controller must be received at Water Analytics by September 14th. Ship your controller directly to Water Analytics by UPS ground collect, or arrange with your distributor to get it to us.
4. We will recycle all traded-in controllers.

For more information, contact or 978-749-9949 x203.

For information on the Shark controller, click