New AS Series of Conductivity Sensors

June, 2011 - Water Analytics announces that a new series of conductivity sensors has joined the Aquametrix product line. The AS series of conductivity probes represents a major upgrade over the proven MS series. The latter consists of impregnated graphite electrodes and a molded epoxy body. The new AS series uses 316 stainless steel electrodes in an epoxy body encased in a polypropylene shell. Compared to the MS versions, the new probes are even more rugged and the electrodes are more precisely tuned to the nominal cell constant. As with the MS series they all feature either a Pt 1000Ω RTD or 3 kΩ thermistor for automatic temperature compensaton.
Water Analytics currently manufactures the AS series with cell constants 0.1 to 10. The new AS series does not currently include the lowest cell constant of 0.01 or the highest cell constant of 50. For these two probes the MS series is still the solution. The MS series will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.