Variable Insertion, Combination Style pH (P585) and ORP(R585) Sensors

  • Inexpensive, combination style electrode
  • Double junction for longer sensor life. The junction material is more rugged ceramic
  • Industrial strength CPVC material for greater durability and chemical resistance
  • 3/4" NPT compression fitting, easy in and out: no special tool required, no twisted cables
  • A temperature compensation device pt1000RTD now comes standard. The temperature element is embedded in the glass electrode for a faster response. Other ATC devices are available as an option: NTC300, pt100RTD, NTC3000
  • One cable includes both pairs of wires for pH(ORP) and temperature. 15 ft (4.5m) cable length is standard, up to 50ft cable available without a need for preamplifier
  • Flow thru variable insertion 0 to 3-3/4" or submersion mounting
  • Tinned wire leads, optional MBNC connectors are available
  • 1 year limited warranty

These industrial combination pH or ORP sensors use the conventional combination measurement technique employing a process pH glass electrode (platinum for ORP) which is compared to a reference electrode in KCL solution. For relatively clean water they are an economical alternative to our flagship differential 60-series sensors.

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