The Amazing 4 to 20 Signal (or why "old" doesn't always mean "obsolete")

I'm old enough to remember how a rotary phone worked and brilliant enough to know that it is never coming back.

The electronics in my cell phone shrinks with every passing year AND it gets more powerful. I still stare in utter amazement at the resolution and color gamut of my 52" HDTV. Why spend $200 for Red Sox tickets when I can watch them lose up close and personal in the privacy of my den?

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog.

I didn't do this willingly. Were it not for a friend of mine who was the publisher of our region's largest newspaper and social media guru, I would continue with my belief that those who blog have inflated opinions of themselves. Do I really care what Joe Smith is thinking? Does Joe really think he is that important?

Apparently I now believe I am that important. (I know my mother does.) At least I believe I have some thoughts that some people might find interesting—perhaps even useful. So here goes. But first a little about myself (in case you care):

Big ORP Article in Water Online

Last month Treatment Plant Operator published an article based on a white paper by Mark Spencer on ORP measurement. The article caught the attention of Water Online editors who decided to run the white paper. You can read the article at