Update on the 2400

It's been over a year since we announced the imminent arrival of the Mother of all controllers - the 2400.

This multi-input, multi-parameter controller is slated to be the best controller on the market when judged in terms of ease of use, set-up, flexibility, output options, and ease of ordering. The 2400 will handle simultaneous inputs from 5 probes—pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and flow—and will do so without having to buy a single card.

So where is it? We are not the first company to encounter delays getting a new product out the door but that is small consolation to me and my employees. The slow pace of development led us to switch to a new design firm that can take the design in its present state and carry it into the end zone. Though there is nothing more satisfying than completing a project on time and on budget, the change in design firm conveys the advantage that we and the new firm were able to conduct a thorough top-down review and change parts of the design that could be improved.

In a sense, the 2400 has undergone a revision even before it hit the market. The goal is to have the 2400 in testing by October so that we can unveil it at WEFTEC. I thank all our distributors and users who have patiently waited for this ground breaking controller to be done. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. I'll provide updates on this blog.