What Makes Aquametrix Special

The development of the differential electrode changed pH and ORP measurements forever. By splitting the reference and sampling electrode and referencing each to a third common (titanium) ground loop errors were eliminated and the reference electrode could be rejuvenated indefinitely. As the Canadian licensee of this technology Lisle-Metrix pH and ORP probes became the wastewater industry standard for rugged, precise and long-lived probes. Water Analytics continues to make these probes with updated circuitry, components and electrodes and the differential pH and ORP probe continues to be the one probe that industry uses when, as one user put it, "nothing else works."

The legendary status of the Aquametrix differential probe is the benchmark by which all of our sensors are manufactured. Nothing gets the Aquametrix label unless we are satisfied that it will stand up to abuses in water that other products cannot. Our conductivity probes provide the widest range of conductivity range on the market and the new AS series raises the level of ruggedness one notch higher. Our dissolved oxygen analyzers are still going strong after years of use in dirty aeration basins with only a yearly membrane replacement.

The Shark controller and Shark TX transmitter embody the principle of simplicity. Whereas most manufacturers have several controllers to host different sensors we have only one controller that can operate as a pH, ORP, conductivity or flow analyzer. Menu operation is simplified so that any operator, regardless of technical expertise, can operate the controller's or transmitter's basic functions.

Water Analytics will never make a "me too" product. Every sensor and every analyzer that makes it to the marketplace is a world class leader. Everything you see in our catalog is best in class when it comes to durability, value and simplicity.